Saturday, July 21, 2007

Porter is SMILING!

Well babies are cute I must admit... mine are pretty cute. Porter has been smiling lately, and well... its so stinking cute to see him so expression other then his normal "dopey" little look! All is well in Stephens-ville... I am finally sleeping.... thanks to Porter. He sleeps for 11 hours a night now (I love you Porter)! We are getting ready to host some family for the Brown Family reunion..... rescue me, please! haha! No, it will be fun. My dad has never met Jackson or Porter, and has not seen Lily, Jake or myself in 3 years. So it will be nice to see him and his new wife. All in all, we are doing great, enjoying the last bit of summer. Jake just turned THIRTY FOUR, and I wil be TWENTY NINE in a few days! Wow, what a bunch of old fogies! Pretty soon I will be dying my hair for a real reason! ahha! Jackson is doing really good. He had a at home evaluation because he isnt communicating like he should be... and his social skills are pretty iffy sometimes. His pediatrician feels he has a learning delay, so he will be tested for a BUNCH of things. His thought is that he has Aspergers syndrome. Which is funny, because I know someone who has a son who was just diagnosed with that. He has a couple of more at home evaluations, and then he will see a behavior therapist, and we will have some answers. All in all, he is such a cute, fun boy.... But as his mother, I do notice some things that concern me. I just want him to go to school when he is supposed to, and learn. We will keep you all posted!