Friday, February 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest things....

Ok, Lily is the funniest girl. We were all sick last week, and the nasty germ monster is still dwelling amongst us today. Well a few days ago I was "complaining" that my nose was so stuffy "how can I have so much snot up there, seriously where is it coming from and how can I get it out!" Well Little miss Lily turned her thinking cap on, and she pulled the vacuum over to me and said "use the hose momma, that would get it out....." BAH! I love that girl, but then I thought, heck she may be on to something. Baby's have that blue bulb sucker thing...... they need one for us adults who cant function with all the sick fuzz going on around them! Good thinking Lily!
*note* I did not put the vacuum up my nose, sadly the hose wouldnt fit.....

Friday, February 22, 2008

ALL DONE! Utah here we come!

Well Jackson is ALL DONE with his treatment and he looks AWESOME! He is happy and HEALTHY! We found a home for the Pug Roxy, still having some issues finding a home for Foxy, but we will work it out. After all of this work, the last thing I want to do is have him flare up again. Let me just say... the dogs were not causing his eczema. They were irritating his eczema. There is a difference. But now with his skin all closed up and healed, the dogs may not cause any problems, but its not worth taking that chance. I love Jackson so much, and the last thing I want to see is him miserable again. Lily is very angry with me, but she will get over it. Maybe a trip to the toy store will help, ha ha! thank you thank you thank you for all of your love and support. I will post some more pictures of Jackso (before and after) when we get homs tonight! AWESOME! THANKS NATIONAL JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The reason Jackson is picky!!

Ok, I thought Jackson was just like his daddy when it came to food..... PICKY PICKY PICKY. Well Jackson wasnt always so picky. He used to eat whatever we gave him and LOTS of it! Well as a baby Jackson had really bad acid reflux. At age 1 it seemed to have gone away. So from 12 months to 18 months he was doing GREAT. Eatings great, no puking... GREAT!! Well then at 18 months or so he got really picky and stopped eating alot of food. He would stick to a dairy only diet. Maybe a french fry here or there, maybe a chicken nugget. But his diet for the most part consists of yogurt, cereal with milk, pudding, protein shakes, and maybe some apple sauce. Not exactly a balanced diet. Well the other day Jackson had a Ph Probe put up his nose, and down to his tummy. This measured his acid levels while he was eating, after he was eating and when he slept. He was again diagnosed with severe acid reflux disease. So lets just check off another box on the illness form!! This is good to KNOW... now he can be treated for it. And maybe, just MAYBE (hopefully) he will start to eat again. Food hurt his tummy, and he didnt know how to tell us! I feel so bad! I had this feeling he had reflux for a while now, but his docs out in Utah wouldnt test him. Yes, another reason we are thrilled to be at this hospital! So now I get to take all these forms and papers to our docs out there and say "mom's instict is ALWAYS right" WAM! Anyways, so he will be treated for the reflux, and hopefully all will be well!! Oh and..... we have to get rid of our dogs.... Jacksons allergy test both skin and blood came back positive for dog, cat, and horse allergy. Sorry Lily, no pony for you!! We have found a few takers for Roxy the pug, but Foxy is older and that may be more difficult, but it will be taken care of! Off for now!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You are going to put what up my son''s nose?

Yes, that is right, the docs wanted to put a probe up Jackson's nose to run some acid reflux tests. He did great, and of course he has tried to pull it out a few times, but he is used to it now. They are checking to see if he does have acid reflux, and the severity of it. You see, my little man is just like his dad was back in the day. Picky picky picky. Jackson likes very bland things with not excitement whatsoever. And when he does eat anything acidic, he gets this gross look on his face and burps. Also, breathe that can scare a dragon. This is a good test, that will tell us alot. He has a little back pack on that has a recording box that records all he eats, and how his little tummy is reacting to it. I love medical science.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well we had a fun day yesterday after Jackson's treatment playing on the playground at the Ronald McDonald house. There are so many families staying there with tiny little babies in the NICU, kids with cancer, transplants. I feel so out of place there! When they ask "what is your child in the hospital for?" I almost dont want to say...."oh he has eczema". yea, like I have problems! Their baby weighs 2 pounds and has been in the NICU for 2 months..... yes, I am very relieved that our health issues are nothing like theirs! Its a wonderful place to be and Jackson and Porter love it! So many kids to play with, so many toys to use! Its great! here are some pictures of jackson and porter playing!! Treatment is going great. Jackson is amazing, and he is so brave. I cant believe how good is is when he gets "mummified!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lots of fun things to do! jackson loves the lazy boy in his room! "My chair!!!!"


Left picture, airplane to Denver. Right, first bath treatment.

THIS BETTER WORK!! Jackson becoming a mummy

Treatment so far so GREAT!

Wow, is it really possible that only after a few treatments Jackson can be on a awesome road to recovery? IT IS! Seriously this is THE coolest place ever. Jackson has had literally THREE treatments, and already, his skin is SOFT, and the itching is basically GONE! Now wait... he still has MANY treatments left, allergy testing etc etc, so he is far from DONE. He has done SO good so far, and we are VERY pleased with the care we have gotten here. I will add pictures in another post today!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Treatment started!

Well Jackson is doing GREAT. I will upload some pictures later on. All in all we are so happy to be here! We are staying at the Ronald McDonald house with lots of other families with sick kids. Its pretty sad seeing some of the kids. but at least there is hope! Jackson is such a trooper, he has been awesome with his treatment and will be so good soon!!! Love you all!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New pictures of the kids!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well tomorrow (sunday feb 10) we are flying out to denver! Check the blog for updates on Jacksons treatment! I am so excited about this! Thank you all for your support and love. Jackson is so lucky to be loved by so many people!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

we have winners... or should I say cheaters....

Well well well you ladies are nuts! SERIOUSLY! WOW! I beat ZB out on comments, seriously I rock! If you need to know who won, its obvious. Just look at my 250 comments... the gals with the most comments I let them win, HAHA! So congrats, they will either get some vinyl lettering or a Discovery toy, both are pretty cool prizes if I say so myself!
SO YAY, that is OVER! But I welcome the comments still. Glad that my blog isnt a ghost town anymore! We leave for Denver on Sunday morning, WAHOOOOOO it will be so nice to help my little Jackson get some relief for his skin. It makes me literally ache to watch him suffer. As a mom, you would rip your own skin off and give it to your child if you thought it would help...... where is my scalpel? Wish us luck. I think our hotel has wireless internet, so I will up date the blog daily or bi-daily with reports! toodles for now!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

WOW, I am so popular!!

OK! Well now since I have SO many new friends out there in the blogging world... I will give out 4 PRIZES! 2 uppercase living vinyl expressions (well gift certs for $10 each) and 2 Discovery toys, you tell me how old your kids are, and I will make sure to make it work! I guess I am a home business junky..... I just like discounts, call me cheap, CHEAP!! Anyways, I am so happy people are FINALLY looking at my blog! You guys ROCK! If ZB doesnt mind, my cuz asked to see your page, and since I dont know how to list my "friends" on my blog, Beebs.... her blog page is She makes the cutest flower hair flare (not sure W, A, and B would look all that cute in flowers!)
TO the gal who said Porter picture was the cutest, bless your heart, and that picture was taken at Kiddie kandids. The picture of my family, was taken at Inkley's, yes they take pictures, I found that out when I was getting some pictures printed! No offense to Kiddie kandids (kam hates the word Kiddie Kandids, she explained in her blog once, pretty funny) We love kiddie Kandids, but I think the photogs there dont like us. It once took us 2 hours to get 6 DECENT poses with all 3 kids. By the end of that day, I wanted to sleep for 3 days straight.
We are really excited about going to Denver next week, WAHOOOOOO I know I will wish I was home when I am dealing with Jackson and Porter in the hotel!! Jackson likes HIS bed, with HIS blankets and HIS bed. This will be interesting! I know the people in the rooms next to us will really enjoy their vacations! SORRY! All in all, everything is fine here. I just had my first Discovery Toys party today, sold about $450 in toys, made $90, and also made $150 in FREE TOYS! Completed my start up goal, signed my friend up yadda yadda..... I love free toys. I have 3 kids, I love anything free! Heck I will hang out at Costco for 2 hours to feed my kids samples! hahaha I am SO cheap! Well keep up the comments, there are no cheaters in life, just really determined people! Zoie had what, 160 comments...... yea I am cooler, I can beat her! haha kidding Z, you know I love you!
Crazy mama of 6...... weight loss is going good... my scale is teasing me and it seriously wont let me lose 100 pounds. I have been inching my way there for months, and seriously my scale is out to get me... maybe it likes showing high numbers makes it work harder, I dont know.... I cant really blame my scale.... its winter, and comfort food isnt always the best food, but it sure is good! Thanks for the comments...... I will pick a winner (hahaha sorry, mom of 3....of course thinks of boogers) next week! WAHOOOOOO