Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where have I been?

Well,for my 6 people who actually view this... I deeply apologize for abandoning you. Life has been pretty busy around these parts!!!
So since my last post.... Jackson turned 6, Porter turned 4 Ben turned 1, Lily turned 8, we went on a disney cruise, and Lily got baptized Jake and I celebrated 9 years of being married on November 2nd. Still can not believe I have been married that long, and I have 5 kids..... wow!! I am such a slacker for not posting about any of this... please dont hate me. Most of you, if not all 6 of you are my facebook friends and have seen my updated pictures =)
We did just have our family pics taken, so take a looksie!!!
I will try my hardest to be better at this blog thing..... sigh.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Amelie

Ok, I know every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing alive. Well, Amelie is in fact the cutest, most sweetest, lovable, GORGEOUS little girl I know (Lily is a BIG girl, Amelie is my LITTLE girl) Today I took Amelie to Foto Fly for her 2 year old pictures. She was REALLY nervous at first, but quickly warmed up and became a super star run way model.

Happy Birthday Amelie!! You are amazing and I am truly blessed to be your mama! Since the moment you were born you had me wrapped around your little finger with that red curly hair, stunning blue eyes and sweet crooked smile. You are my everything and I want to be a better person because of you. I love hearing you laugh! I love seeing you smile. I love hearing you talk to and YELL at everyone. I love how much you love your brothers and sister. I love how much you love me and your daddy. I love you messy kisses. I love your chubby toes. I love how much you love animals (just like me when I was a kid). I love how huggable you are. I love that you are my daughter and I love that you will be my daughter forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE you. I cant believe you are turning 2!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

There's the door......

Recently I have been doing thinking and realized it is SO important to know who your real friends are. I mean it... REAL FRIENDS. Not just someone you say hi to because if you dont, you are a bad person. I have skimmed the "bleh" layer off the top of my "pot", and now things are good. I have also comed to realize.... if you dont dont like me, don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out. Cleaning out my "life" has been great. I feel like I dont have to walk around on egg shells, I can be who I am, and those who truly like me, are still here!! I like to be ME, and I like you to be YOU.... dont be someone you arent. Understand? There are so many 2 face fake people out there who one day are your good friend, then behind your back they talk crap about you. Sadly, I used to be one of those people. I would put on a happy face for people, and in reality, I didnt like them. I just put up with them.
It is so important to just be YOU, and dont be a fake 2 face. So please, if I have done something to offend you, or you are having a hard time being my friend, talk to me. I will listen. Outside of family, a lady and her friends are very important. Moving a whole 25 minutes away from my "old life" was so hard, and sadly many if not most of my "friends" never spoke to me again, or blocked me out of their life. That told me they werent really my friends from the beginning. I am probably the luckiest person alive (in my opinion haha) and have an adorable family who are freaking genius' (again, in my opinion), I have a studly husband who adores his family (that is a known fact, not just in my opinion), a awesome home, with a yard (jealous daybreak friend, hahah kidding), I am happy, healthy and seriously have the GREATEST friends ever. Real friends... I have the greatest REAL friends ever.So please, if you havent seen me in a while, come on down. I love girls nights, I love my friends. I am SO lucky to live 3 minutes away from my all time BFF Barb...I know you are reading this Barb... love ya girl.
So if you hate me, think I am fake, think I am the devil... then obviously we arent a match, and shouldnt be friends (duh)! If you would like to discuss things with me, feel free... I am willing to listen. But since I already "cleaned house"... I am pretty sure the people who do read this rant and ramble are in fact my friends. OH.. and here is a shot out to my new friends here in the land of Lehi.... Sharlane, Trisa, Cami, Kendra, Kristine (there are about 20 more, but I dont want to burn dinner) YOU GUYS HAVE MADE THIS PAST YEAR AWESOME, LOVE YOU, AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE!
Bethany, Janie, Melissa B, Ashley, Jenn, Michelle, Kristine O, Lia, from my old 'hood..... fabulous people you are... (yoda voice). I know there are a WHOLE bunch more names I need to mention, if you are my friend and live in daybreak... hugs.
Sarah Pence Sharp... I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Best room mate ever.... get your butt out of the ICE of Idaho and come down for a visit (when I am home, woops, sorry about that!)
Carrie Popham...... you have been my friend since we were kiddos, how have you put up with me!! Love you, move out here, PLEASE?
Heather Lewis, you are awesome, and I adore you and your family. So happy Jason found you, or you found him... you get the picture!! I loved crashing your lunch date back 8 years ago (so I could meet you and tell Jason to just go for it, and fall in love with you!!!) I know I am forgettting so many people... feels like I am holding a "oscar" and saying my thank you's for winning the "luckiest person alive award".
Sigh..... I am so lucky...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going private.....

Well it is about that time. I only want people I actually like and consider my friends and family to blog stalk me.So if you want to see my families pictures and listen to my rants and blah blah blahs.... email me or comment with your email address