Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life's little wonders....

Well October has been.... COLD.. Where did fall go? So far this month has had its dramatic issues like every month in my life. To start the month off.... our house flooded... yea.. FLOODED. We were out and about visiting neighbor friends, and we came home to a water fall pouring out of our ceiling and the smoke alarm. SO again, the smoke alarm is going off (not my favorite sound, especially when you have dogs and babies!) The water was EVERYWHERE. The kids rooms were a mess with water (toilet water YUCK) My room was a soppy mess, and MY CLOSET WAS WET. All my clothes in hampers (yes hampers... I hate folding laundry) We soaked. Long story, already long..... the "fake wood" laminate floors were destroyed, the carpet was also destroyed. So for the past 2 weeks, we have had floor, drywall, plumbers, etc etc over at the house to look at and fix the damage. $13,000 of damage. Luckily...... we are still under warranty! Everything will be fixed, for free! They even upgraded our toilets.... bad toilets were installed I guess?
Towards the middle of the month I had some time (a few minutes) to remember my sweet aunt janet. She passed away from a rough battle with Colon Cancer 4 years ago. She was my dads only sister, and was and is a huge part of my life. I so miss her!
Lily has been in pre school down here in South Jordan for a few months now, and she LOVES it. it is so cute and fun hearing her babble on and about what she learned. $50 a month WELL SPENT! A lady in our stake primary presidency has the pre school in her home. there are only 6 kids in the class, so its really nice! Lily gets the attention she wants and needs! Jackson starts his pre school on friday. I am really excited to have him go to school and work on his behavior issues. He has progressed so much the past few months with his speech, but still needs to work no how he behaves with others. I know I know I know, he is 2.. he is SUPPOSED to be a bully, screamer etc etc... but, and I mean BUT...... something is not quite right, but we are dealing with finding out what is wrong, in order to make it right. All in all, Jackson is a great little guy..... and I love him even when he screams!
Porter has gotten a TOOTH, and he loves to roll all over the place. he gets on his knees and tries oh so hard to MOVE... and ends up doing a face plant and cries... again, we learn how to do things teh RIGHT way, but doing them wrong first hahaha! I was shocked when i saw the tooth popping through! he is only 5 months old! Lily and Jackson were 8 months when they got teeth! I guess Porter is ahead of the game...... he does weigh 18 1/2 pounds!! TOTAL CHUNK! Sorry i dont have pictures right now, my computer has been undergoing a full clean out by Jake, and I cant find anything, and our camera isnt installed to the commputer.... wow, I am rambling! We are all doing great.... the kids re great, life is great!! It will be even greater when our floors are put back!!