Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long summer, busy summer..... is that fall?

Seriously Amelie, I love you!!

Porter tends to hide from the camera now, so this is him being caught off guard

Oh sweet Benjamin, I can just eat his cheeks!!

Jackson and his teacher Mrs Simpson

Lily and Jackson on the first day of school. She held his hand all the way to school, it was SOOOO cute!

The neighborhood kids getting ready to walk to school.

This was Lily's first day... the previous FIRST day pic was on JACKSONS first day of school

Ok, so I have been a slacker, but come on... I have 5 kids. Between 2 kids in school, 1 kid in pre school, 1 19 month old who is trying to kill me, and a 4 month old who wont stop puking....I am tired!!
Lily started 2nd grade and is doing awesome. She reads like a champ and I cant get her to stop. She loves Judy Blume which makes me happy, because I read those books when I was a kid!!She all of a sudden has become a 13 year old and cares about what outfits she wears. SO much for leggings and a shirt, or a simple sun dress. The shoes must match the out fit, and a hair style is needed. Dont forget the SILLY BANDS. My kids have about 500 sillybands, and thanks to Lily's B day party..... we have a BOX of them. I tell the kids daily, bring your bands to school and dont just TRADE them, GIVE them away!! wahooo!!!
Jackson started kindergarten and LOVES it. He is doing FABULOUS and I LOVE his teacher. She is SOOOO sweet and just the most kind person I have ever met. She has 2 sons who are Autistic and her heart is so welcoming to children with special needs. Jackson is going to speech therapy 2 days a week and is doing GREAT.
Porter is my pre school boy, man.... he needs to be in school all day. That boy is monster when he isnt BUSY with other kids or school. I am just THRILLED that he gets to take the bus to school starting in 2 weeks!!
Amelie is 19 months and has started the "terrible 2's" a few months early. But she is just so fun, and adorable with her red curly hair!!!
Benjamin... oh Benjamin. I sure do love this kid. He is SOOOO fun and loves to laugh, play with his toes, roll all over the floor. and bounces in the jumper like a pro!! He has a little issue called Pyloric Stenosis which causes him to become the exorcist child a few times a day. He has to get a Upper GI done, and a Lower GI as well to see whats up, and if he needs surgery =( Jackson had the same issue, but with medicine, and once he ate solid food, he seemed to be ok. He is 4 months old, 26 3/4 inches long, and 16 pounds 2 ozs!! TOTAL CHUNK! I love it!! But he is SOOOO tall, wears 6-9 month clothes and can fit in some 12 month onsies, depending on what brand they are.
I think its funny that when Lily was ONE year old, she was only 18 pounds, and my 4 month old is 16 pounds!! HAHA!!
Lily had her 7th birthday party a little late. She wanted to wait until school started so she could invite the girls from her class. We had 24 girls here... I repeat... 24! It was SOOOO fun! My friend Bethany came over and took pictures of the girls in their cute clothes, All the girls got some cute favors I bought from my friend Melissa and her company called BEING PETTI. My friend Kristine from KAKES BY KRISTINE made a cake that a BRIDE would adore. It was awesome (pictures below) It was a fun day and my little Lily had a GREAT time with her little friends. It took some time, but she has established some GREAT friendships down here and we just love it. Her "lehi best friend Lizzie" (must not confuse that with her "daybreak best friend Gracie") is here for dinner most nights and hangs out with Lily until I personally start to undress Lily into her pajamas. I am in trouble when Lily is a teen... I am sure she will be one of THOSE kids who wants to stay out late!!
Life is good, we are happy and are planning on staying here in Lehi for another 9 months until the school year is over. Then... who knows. Jake's current job has a opening in Henderson NV, and I am not sure if that is the BEST move for us, but it would be a pay increase, AND a change of scenery! SO we shall see what the next 9 months has to offer. Jake is doing great in school and its nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel, FINALLY! Well... here are some pics of the past few weeks or so....