Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Amelie

Ok, I know every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing alive. Well, Amelie is in fact the cutest, most sweetest, lovable, GORGEOUS little girl I know (Lily is a BIG girl, Amelie is my LITTLE girl) Today I took Amelie to Foto Fly for her 2 year old pictures. She was REALLY nervous at first, but quickly warmed up and became a super star run way model.

Happy Birthday Amelie!! You are amazing and I am truly blessed to be your mama! Since the moment you were born you had me wrapped around your little finger with that red curly hair, stunning blue eyes and sweet crooked smile. You are my everything and I want to be a better person because of you. I love hearing you laugh! I love seeing you smile. I love hearing you talk to and YELL at everyone. I love how much you love your brothers and sister. I love how much you love me and your daddy. I love you messy kisses. I love your chubby toes. I love how much you love animals (just like me when I was a kid). I love how huggable you are. I love that you are my daughter and I love that you will be my daughter forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE you. I cant believe you are turning 2!