Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jackson's birthday party!!

Ok, 2 words... IT ROCKED!! 30 friends, one HUGE bounce house, 1 fire truck, 3 very HOT, I mean great firefighters, a great cake and a VERY happy FIVE YEAR OLD!! What a great day!! The pictures will sum it up for you!! Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you!! It was GREAT to see some friendly faces from the old neighborhood... Ropers, Adamsons, and the Williams! Friends make me happy, and I have some pretty darn good friends!! We went out to eat with the Williams family after the party to YUMMY El Pollo Loco (if you havent been there, YUM!) I am lucky to live down the road from one in Lehi, and there are only TWO in the whole state of Utah!! I am still cleaning up from the party, my feet are super swollen, and I went to bed at 8 pm and woke up at 11 am this morning, I was pooped out!!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

My first son Jackson turned 5 years old yesterday. Oh how I love this kid. He has had such a interesting and challenging 5 years, but I would not trade any of those days in. Jackson is the light of my life and makes me smile everyday. I love his crazy double cow lick that makes his hair look like he has devils horns when it grows too long. I love his raspy voice when he talks, I love how he willingly will hold my hand when we are in public, and has no problem giving me hugs and kisses, even in front of his friends!! Jackson is the sweetest boy I know, and I am truly blessed to be his mama. Ever since he was born we have had a close relationship. There is just something about a mom and her son. I cherish everyday I have had with him, and look forward to the many more I have with him. The day he was born was interesting. I was induced because the ultra sound showed that he weighed 10 pounds. And since my doctor LIKES me... he said "um, you want to have this baby tomorrow?" YES!!
I checked into the hospital, got all ready, watched some movies, got my epidural (um hello, I was not about to give birth to a 10 pound baby with out drugs!) And Jackson was born 5 hours later at 5:30 pm. From the moment he was born he had me wrapped around his finger. He came out, got placed on me, and grabbed my hand. Then he peed and pooped on me (thanks buddy) I was in shock looking at him, he was HUGE. 10 lbs, and 23 inches long. And he had TONS OF RED CURLY HAIR! He was the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. He had cheeks that just needed to be kissed, and fat dimply fingers that needed to be held. I love that kid, more than anything. And I thank heavenly father everyday for blessing me with such a loving son.
Jackson goes to a special pre school that helps with speech therapy. There are some kids who have other delays, and some who are physically challenged. Jackson is always the first to volunteer to help push a wheel chair, help a friend by getting his walker, or be a peer mentor during physical therapy. He is so sweet, and his teachers say the same thing. They have never had such a sweet and loving student who is accepting to EVERYONE. Instead of pointing out "that boy is in a wheel chair". he will say "how cool, he gets to drive everywhere!!" Or "wow, my friend at school has the coolest kicks (shoes) they help her stand up straight, and help her walk!! and she gets to use sticks (crutches) to help her walk, Im jealous!!" Most kids would ask "whats wrong with that kid". Not Jackson, he finds the good in everyone and in everything. I love him.
Happy birthday sweet Jackson, I truly adore you and I know life would not be the same with out your sweet spirit, adorable smile, and tender heart.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Porter...oh how I adore thee

Today Lily and Jackson were both back at school (HOOOORAY!!) So when Amelie was napping, I got to spend some time with my sweet "Po Po". We made cup cakes, sang songs, danced in the kitchen and laughed, A LOT! What warmed me the most was when out of the blue he runs up to me with the tightest of arms and whispers in my ear "Oh honey, I love you!" I love you too, honey!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

30 ish weeks...hopefully at least 8 left!

Well I am officially 30 1/2 weeks pregnant. And I "feel" ok, but man I am TIRED! Tired isnt even a word I would use to describe this feeling. Complete and total physical, mental, emotional exhaustion!! Ever felt like a bad mom because you sit around and WATCH your kids play? Give them hot dogs (all beef at least) and macaroni and cheese for dinner? Lily can make it herself, so it makes my life easy, but I feel terrible!! There aere some days when I feel SO AWAKE, and cant stop moving. I just have to clean and organize and get things ready! I am blessed to have such talented and creative friends who are making cute things for me like a caaaaarazy adorable car seat "tent" thing, a minky soft and super cute blanket with the name BENJAMIN stitched on it with adorable fabric scraps (pictures soon) blessing out fit, burp cloths and other random things. I have amazing neighbors who take my kids whenever I need help with doc appointments and another neighbor who will out of the blue call me while she is at the store to see if I need anything. And even if I say "nope, not today" she comes by with something yummy from the bakery or deli. SO NICE!!
The kids are SOOOO excited to meet this little guy. Probably because it means I will be nicer to them, cook again, lay their clothes out for school, and actually PLAY with them. Lily came down stairs this morning "um, Mommy, where are my clothes? Do you expect me to wear my jammies to school?" I looked at her and my face spoke to her... no words came out of my mouth. And then she said "I will go find something mommy, make the lines in your forehead go away please!". Jackson and Porter know better, and they get themselves dressed. Does it always match? NO, and do I care? oh no!! Amelie crawls and scoots over to her dresser, opens it up and says "no no no no" to just about everything in her drawers.... until she finds her FAVORITE shirt, a pink and white stripe shirt with leggings. She is obsessed with that outfit, and she is only 13 months old... I have a fashion diva in training.
As for this week, I am basically getting ready for Jackson's 5th birthday!! I cant believe my little man is almost 5 and starting kindergarten this fall. Makes me cry!! For his birthday party, we have 17 little dudes and dudettes (thats what Jackson calls his friends) coming over for Chic-fil-a nuggets (Jacksons favorite thing EVER), grapes, and a killer cake made by my friend Kristine (she made Amelie's amazing Yo gabba gabba cake) Jacksons cake will be a burning building with little firemen figures putting the fire out!! And to top it off..... the Lehi Fire Dept will be coming over to the house WITH A TRUCK to show the kids. Take pictures, and hand out hats and stickers. Did you know that its FREE to have them come over? Awesome!! We live 1 block away from the fire station, and Jackson is obsessed with being a fireman. "I want to be a Hero, and save people, and I will even save a cat from a tree even though I am allergic!! And mommy, girls love firemen!!" Well, enjoy the pictures..... a little explanation of Amelie's photo shoot. She wanted some dill pickle chips, and well, I dont think she realized how sour they are until she ate one, pretty funny...

Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter was a typical sunday, filled with Candy, stories of Easter, a nap, and a visit to Jake's parents house for dinner (so happy I didnt have to do much). I made my favorite traditional MORMON FOOD, FUNERAL POTATOES! Oh how I love those things. And devilled eggs. I ONLY crave hard boile eggs/egg salad/devilled eggs when I am pregnant, so weird. It was a good day. Here are some pictures of the week, and a few pictures of pictures that we had taken by Kara and Emilie for easter, I LOVE THEM!
It was nice to be able to take it easy and ENJOY the holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas were here at our house and as fun as it was, I WAS POOPED OUT AFTER THOSE DINNERS!! This mama is supposed to be taking it easy. I always laugh whenever I say that. What does TAKE IT EASY mean to a mom of 4?

This picture of my headless body, oh so great. I am a swollen pregnant woman!!

Tomorrow I get to go see my new best friend (I see him more than anyone else i know) MY OB! haha Another ultra sound, this time I get a 3 and 4 D oneSO EXCITED!! Cant wait to see this little mans FACE!! And his name is Benjamin Dwight Stephens. After my dad. I ordered a quilt on Etsy and his name is ON the quilt, so there is no turning back now!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

If its not one thing, its another.

That is the story of my life, seriously. So whats been going on with me? TOO MUCH! I do love keeping busy, but this is making me nuts! Lets start off with the baby is doing great! He is growing like crazy, and it shows. I am 30 weeks pregnant. Baby name, well today its Benjamin, tomorrow? NO iea. But it has been Benjamin for a few weeks now, so maybe thats a sigh that his name will in fact be Benjamin!
Health-here we go. Every doctor appointment I have been to so far, they have found LOTSof protein in my urine which at first glance means "ok maybe a UTI" I get antibiotics. Come back in 2-4 weeks, and still...more...protein. Go in for a ultra sound, blood work etc etc just to be told "Wow, how are you even able to talk, laugh or SIT, your iron is SOOOOO low" 6.1 is pretty low I guess, especially when the number should be above 11. And my blood volume was pretty low too. To prevent any issues during delivery and standard blood loss I will receive 3-6 blood transfusions over a 6 week period, along with iron via IV. If my kidneys continue to spill protein in my urine, and I get another kidney infection, they will do a C section at 35 weeks. The longer I am pregnant, the more damage to my kidneys. And I really would like to keep my kidneys. I know I have 2, but I like having both! So worse case scenario is...I will have a baby in 5 weeks. Which I guess isnt THAT bad, just not looking forward to a c section. I have never had one, so I really cant say they suck or anything, but after talking to people who have had both, prefer a normal vaginal delivery over the c section, and the healing process is WAY easier from a vaginal delivery. If things "stay the same" and dont get worse, I will be induced at 38 weeks. To make my day even better...I failed my glucose test by 2 little points. But my fasting sugars havent been perfect, so now I have to poke myself in the finger 4 times a day and keep my fastings below 100. They have been at 102-110. If they go above 110, insulin will be my friend BLAH! This is also in result of having crappy kidneys...seriously,so unfair
I am SOOOO blessed and lucky to have such a awesome doctor. I adore him. He has been my doctor for 6 years, meaning he has put up with me for 6 years!! Even though my son Porter wasnt named AFTER him, its pretty fun having a PORTER, and a doctor named Dr. Porter! The nurses tell me "you made his head get even bigger than it already was!!" So I know I am in good hands. The kidney specialist wont treat me until after the baby is born. He wants to see if it is in fact pregnancy induced or something I will have to deal with afterwards. I am REALLY tired, have a hard time climbing the stairs, I dont ever sit on the couch during the day or I will with our a doubt in my mind, fall asleep. So I find very uncomfy spots to sit!! A friend of mine here in Lehi swaps kids 2 days a week. Monday, her 3 year old comes over to play, and on wednesday Porter goes there. Makes it really nice on wednesdays when Amelie naps, and LIly and Jackson are at school. I can nap.
SO mark your calendars... Baby no name will be here in as early as 5 weeks!