Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 4th BIrthday Jackson my love!

Well 4 years ago today my little studly man Jackson was born at 5:30 pm at LDS hospital. He was such a cute adorable FAT little guy when he was born. 10 pounds 22 3/4 inches long... can we say OUCH!! It was love at first sight with him, and nothing has changed. I absolutely adore being his mommy and love getting hugs and wet kisses from him everyday. He is so lovable, sweet, crazy, destructive, adorable, fun and sneaky. All the characteristics of a boy, and I just love that he is a total mama's boy! We have had some ups and downs with health and behavior issues but all of that are taken care of and I finally have a healthy happy baby boy, who is slowly becoming a wonderful boy, who will become a wonderful young man and so on and so on.
I am constantly thinking about the book "Love you forever" when I think of my children. Jackson was NOT a cuddly baby,and certainly not a cuddly toddler. He was miserably suffering from severe eczema and had no desire to be touched by anyone. This made me very sad and I felt like a failure as a mother. Why did my son hate having me hold him and try and comfort him? Why do other boys let their moms cuddle with them? When will my son let me hug him with out hurting him?
All of that changed when he was 3. This little sweet boy came out and ran to me hourly to hug and kiss me. Finally my boy "loved me". He would let me hold and rock him to sleep. He would let me sit and read him stories, he would let me TOUCH him and found comfort in my touch. For all the mothers of young little men you all should agree with me about the love between a mom and her son. As of right now, I am the only woman in his life, and no one , NO ONE is good enough for my son =)
This morning when Jackson woke up he crawled in bed next to me and said "is it my special day mommy?" I said YES!! What do you want to do today? "Nothing....nothing at all". So thats what he is getting.... I am not having him do ANYTHING. He can wear his PJ's all day if he wants (but he did get dressed) He can do whatever he wants. I love my boy!!
For his birthday party 10 little friends are going to the Aquarium for a under the sea party! We are really excited. Jackson LOVES the Aquarium and I think he aspires to be a marine biologist.... but we shall see. =)
Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you buddy!!
Oh yea, and today is also my sister Stephanie's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jackson adores his baby sister and loves to give kisses and tell her how much he loves her. Yes he is wearing socks on his hands.... we learned to not question what Jackson wants to do...... pick your battles wisely!!! Love you super dude!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amelie's Birth Announcement

here it is.. ta da!!! My baby is announced!
The pink dots are just there to tell me where to poke the holes for the ribbon!
Thanks Zoie!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well I am doing it again! I will be selling awesome homemade yummy items at the Oh Sweet Sadie art and gift show!! The list of items I will be selling are....
Apricot Jam
Kansas City style BBQ sauce and BBQ spice rub (sold out of the BBQ sauce in a day!)
Smoky "GRUB RUB"
Jamaican jerk spice rub (FAMOUS BY NOW, I sold 40 jars of this stuff in 3 hours time!)
Mojo Marinade (citrus, cilantro, garlic, YUM!)
Home made chunky garden marinara (also made some people mad when I ran out!)
mango salsa (to be used with the jerk rub) Mango,pineapple, avocado, lime juice, jalepeno, garlic, purple onion)

Prices range from $4-$7. Special orders can be made, but the minimum order amount is 5.
Go to for locations!!