Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am in Jackson's room doing some touch up painting, Jackson is in my bed watching a movie, Porter is asleep, and Lily is in the bonus room/play room watching a show. Then I hear Jake yell "whoah whoah whoah whoah holy &%$%!!!" So I open the door thinking.... ok the kids probably spilled something, whats new! Uh... then I see smoke.... Not just simple smoke, but smoke from burning rubber and electronics. The little plug thing that is supposed to be a surge protector caught on fire... SERIOUSLY!
Lets go back about 5 minutes before the fire incident. I was down stairs getting a drink and finishing up the 10th sweep job of the day in the kitchen and living room.... I think..."maybe I will go upstairs and see if there is anything juicy being said on Facebook and check my email". Then I had the "feeling" oh just go finish painting, the computer will be there when you are done. SO Ok.. I listen to my gut and go into the boys room.
Literally 5 minutes later is when I heard the ruckuss and saw the fire UNDER the computer desk where I would have been. Uh... I would have had some pretty nasty burns, probably would have ended up in the hospital. So with that said... follow your instincts... listen to your gut and you wont get "burned"!!!

All I can say is .... SERIOUSLY!~

Jake has pointed out that I say "seriously" alot. Well I will tell you WHY I say it ALL THE TIME. Their names are.... Lily, Jackson and Porter.
We have been painting the upstairs of the house for a while now. I SERIOUSLY dont know why it is taking so long, but its been a long process. Now its going to take a tad longer. Lily's room was almost done. Just needed to touch up some blue spots on the white base boar and a few spots on the ceiling and paint the clouds on the wall. Well then yesterday happend. I told Lily and Jackson to go play in her room after we got home from a play date...... thank HEAVENS Porter was with me and not with the demon children. Lily's room is right above the kitchen, where I was, and all I hear is a CRASH, and YELLS, and "HELLLLLP!". I knew exactly what had happend, and was HYSTERICALLY running with my very pregnant belly up the stairs to possibly find a dead child under Lily's armois thing. Instead... I cant open the dang door because the armois was in front of the door. I ask Lily "who is hurt?" This is her reply...."Um no one, YET, thats because you arent in here, but when you get in here,you are going to hurt someone!" I finally use my super mom stregnth to push the door open to find one of the biggest most upsetting messes I have seen as a mom. Lily's armois is now empty and there are doll parts and barbies, clothes dress up, dance outfits all over the floor. I think... "Ok this isnt THAT bad". Then I look to my right and I just about started to cry. I see BLUE PAINT all over the white closet doors we had taken off to prepare the room to paint. I see a PUDDLE of blue paint on the floor, and I see Jackson's feet covered in blue paint hiding under Lily's bed. Then I see Lily just chilling on her bed reading a book and all she can say is "I didnt do it!"
I put my head in my hands and literally screamed "SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY SERIOUSLY!!" Lily got under her covers and said "can I just go to bed now?" And Jackson ran off tracking blue paint all over the floor. Porter jumped on Lily's bed as I was TRYING to clean up what I could. I didnt know there was blue paint on her bed sheets as well.. and now it was all over Porter's head and hands. Then when I grabbed him.... I got paint all over my maternity jeans. This wouldnt have been a big deal to get paint on my clothes.. but my maternity clothes. DUDE... SERIOUSLY I do not want to go buy MORE maternity clothes when I only have 6 weeks left!!
Anyways... I call Jake and ask him "um... why was there a paint can in Lily's room?" I didnt get the response I wanted, but whatever!! Anyways, he spent a LONG time getting the paint out of the carpet. He will also spend more time painting the closet doors, and touching up the now blue baseboard under the window.
But SERIOUSLY..... this stuff always happens to me. Are the Gods trying to tell me something? What did I do wrong!! SERIOUSLY!!
I painted Jackson and Porter's room today, which is now called the "hulk/yoda" room. Jackson is obsessed with Hulk, and now Star wars. I prefer star wars over Hulk, but what do you do.. he is 3. The room also makes me crave a green apple jolly rancher. When the rooms are done, I will take pictures. I know my first instict should have been "ooh grab the camera and take pictures!".I was too freaking mad!! and sad, and hysterical and all I wanted was chocolate and all I had in the house was chocolate milk. So did NOT do the job.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tooth Fairy!

Well on January 3rd Lily Grace Stephens became a big girl. She lost her first tooth! Needless to say... she was RATHER excited about the tooth fair coming. She got in the tub on her own, washed her hair ( I had to re rinse it) got jammers on, brushed teeth, hopped in bed and was asleep with in minutes!! WAY TO GO LILY!!

She said we needed to leave her window open a crack so the tooth fairy could get in! BRRR

hanging on to that tooth for dear life!


I love you Lily! You are growing up so fast and its been so fun so far!!
OH and... the tooth right next to the "hole" is now loose... so she will be talking funny soon enough!!


SUPER STAR!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty little dancer!

Porter is just a cutie!

Is it a snow monster? A snow Chicken? Nope its Jackson!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My week, at a glance...

Well the week is only half way done, but I am so DONE with this week! To start it off, Lily lost her first tooth! Well it was TAKEN from her by Jake. No he didnt punch her! She had a blanket in her mouth and he pulled it and it knocked her two bottom teeth pretty loose! I had to sit down to breathe slowly when I saw all the blood, but once I told her "you are going to lose your first tooth... THE TOOTH FAIRY WILL COME!!" She spent the next 2 hours trying to get her tooth OUT! Well finally it came out! So I had to run to Target and get her a "gift". Of course she got her $1, but this is her first tooth... it deserved something special! So she got a cute little necklace and bracelet. And the tooth fairy HERSELF wrote her a little note. Lily was VERY excited about this. Now Jackson wants his teeth to fall out.
So that was the start of the week.
I am sick with a cold, and being pregnant with a cold, oh there are some bad words I would like to say, but I will keep them to myself! I went in for my 30 week doctors appt yesterday and had to do the glucose tolerance screening. Can I just tell you... GROSS. Why do they make that drink taste so nasty. And why is it carbonated. It makes no sense to me. I was also told by my doctor that my platelet count is rather low, and this causes a HUGE concern. The baby is totally fine.... I on the other hand am not. They will continue to check my platelet counts, if they continue to drop then I will be given some medicine to help produce MORE, and if that doesnt work, they will induce me SOON. the reason is... if my platelets get too low, I cant have anestesia during delivery.....and well..... for anyone who has ever been on pitocin... You really look forward to your epidural! There are other risk factors like bleeding out and needing a transfusion....and thats no fun either! So Baby Amelie will for sure be here with in the next 8 weeks. NO later than 8 weeks... but as early as the next 5 weeks if my platelets keep dropping. So when I know whats going on, I will let everyone know whats going on! Jackson was my little companion yesterday at my doctor appt. He is such a sweet little guy and loves to hold my hand and gets really concerned when the doctor or nurse examine me "My baby girl all right momma....." as he pats my stomach. My doctor sat there and wanted to hug Jackson.. he said "ok for a 3 year old, he is a sweet heart!".
We made the mistake of telling Jackson that the baby isnt done "cooking" and his eyes shot out of his head as he said "NOOOOOO tooo hot in VOVEN (oven)!! Baby girl needs to be cool!" So when we got home, he immediatly ran to the oven to make sure she wasnt in the oven! CUTE BOY! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the tire shop getting new front tires for the Mini van. Seriously our next car will have 4 wheel drive and be a Mormon mama mobile. No more mini vans. They are TERRIBLE in the snow and ice! TERRIBLE! Anyways, so thats my week at a glance.. I will post pictures later today.. but I need to take advantage of my 90 minutes of quite while Lily is at school, jackson is at school until 2, and Porter is sleeping.....