Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pictures!

All aboard the choo choo train!! Oh he was so excited!

Who needs toys when you have a movie and Popcorn at papa's and mama's house!

Oh Little miss Rachael Ray!

"I am so not into this... give me the wrapping paper, and I will be fine!"
Oh one tired daddy aka santa, up all night making sure his babes had their gifts!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Read the post below the pictures!

And to all a GOOD NIGHT, and a GREAT DAY!

Wow, Christmas was rather fun this year! The kids had SO much fun opening their presents. It was so cute watching Lily and Jackson hug after each present. Lily's favorite toy this year was from "santa". It was a kitchen. She said "mommy, now I really am Rachael Ray!" Jackson, oh Jackson.... he got 2 wishes granted... the first and best wish (according to ME, mommy) was his acceptance to the Natl' Jewish medical centers eczema treatment program. We will go sometimes in February. Jackson's favortie gift was his TRAIN TABLE! Oh my goodness.. I was nearly in tears when I saw his face as he ran to his table! We gave him a train engineers hat, bandana and a whistle. he was excited about that... but oh boy..... did he scream with excitement when he saw that train! Jackson LOVES trains. "I want my choo choo" is his favorite sentence.... followed by "get back Lily, thats MY choo choo" he points to her kitchen and says "Lily"s.....yours... choo choo is MEEEEEEEEEEE!"Smart little stinker! Right now as I type this blog I am listening to Lily ask ever so nicely to play with the train.... Jackson says "no, chichen (kitchen) is yours! Guess we need to work on sharing?!?!?! Porter had a simple Christmas. he got a few little tinkers to play around with. Lots of clothes from family, and his favorite present was the paper the gifts came in! So easy to please! hanks to Jake for literally staying up ALL night setting up Jackson train table and Lily's kitchen. I guess now he is officially Santa! Merry Christmas~ Maybe I will get my cards out this week!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fun times....

These are some pictures taken with Jake's Mac computer... photo booth application

Lily is such a goof, she LOVES to play with the photo booth tool! Fun times!! Couldnt get much of jack jack, he was rather disturbed by it all, hahaha!