Monday, December 28, 2009

ITS A........

BOY!!!! We are having a boy! Lincoln is due in June and we are so excited!! lets just hope he doesnt learn from Porter how to be a nut job!! haha!

Monday, December 21, 2009

All is well, all is well

Well needless to say moving was a good move, but a sad one. In moving I seemed to have lost 90% of my friends, and my daughter has suffered the same loss. I didnt know that changing my address changed who I am, but oh well! It became obvious who my true friends are, and I love them. Lily has made some new friends thanks to her tea party we had for her this weekend. It was SOOO fun! Her BFF Ruthie came alllllll the way down from South Jordan (20 mins away) just to support her friend. I heart Ruthie, and her mama!Lily's first grade teacher even came to her tea party! She has been amazing and Lily just adores her, along with everyone else in the class!! We had 26 little girls here, and it was AWESOME!! Life has been slow here, but all in all, GOOD. Things are getting better, neighbors are getting to know us, and we love it here. We have a yard, something we didnt have in Daybreak. We have a very friendly ward, and have felt very welcome by our ward leaders and members. It took some time to open up and let others into our lives since we created such great friendships up in Daybreak. But we are doing good!!
Baby June Bug is growing, as well as my tummy. We are 16 weeks pregnant, and find out what this baby is in a week! I have fallen in love with a new baby name, but am not sure it flows with the rest of my kids names. Ruby! Its my favorite stone (also my birth stone), my favorite color, and its a precious stone! I have no say in the name if its a boy, Jake has made that clear to me, it will be Lincoln. Well his full name will be Dwight Lincoln, after my dad, and brother and great uncle. But he will be Lincoln! I think Jake is warming up to the name Ruby, but we shall see. Every name I mention, he shoots down! UGH!
We are hosting Christmas this year at the new house, since we have so much for all the Stephens' fam! I am so excited! I have a new ham recipe I am making...SOOOO good. you buy a RAW ham, on the bone. put in a crock pot on high for 2 hours with some water, about 2 inches of water. Then put on low and add 2 liters of cherry 7 up, and cook for 5-7 hours depending on how big your ham is! IT will fall off the bone and taste like heaven!

Enjoy the pictures of Lily's tea party!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!