Friday, May 22, 2009

Lily, the rock star

This petticoat is the best thing I have ever bought for Lily. She loves it. Heck if they had one in my size I would wear it all around the house too!!

Boys will be boys!

Jackson and Porter are such Mama's boys. And I wouldnt have it any other way! I love these handsome sweet little men. And I cant wait to watch them become amazing men!

Sisters...... forever friends,hopefully!

LILY AND AMELIE, Lily adores her baby sister so much. They are so cute together!

My family.....

My friend Kara took our family pictures last week, and I love them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter!

2 years ago today Porter was born! I love this little man more than words and emotions can express. He is such a light in my life and I adore everything about him. I love how ticklish his neck is (the girls will love that later on) I love how he giggles and runs around like a maniac and never gets bored. I have only known this boy personally for 2 years, and it seems like I have known him all my life. I know my life would not be complete with out my Po Po.I love how much he looks like me and even has my dimple. I love his squishy cheeks (on both ends) and I just want to pinch them whenever I see him! Porter is such a joy and such a BOY.LOVES to get dirty, loves to get into trouble, loves his mommy!!! I love hearing him babble in his own little language we call "Porternese". And watching his deep concentration face when he is working on coloring or playing with a toy. I can already see a incredible man when I look at my big baby boy Porter.
He may hate having his picture taken by a camera, but some how we got some cute shots of this boy!