Monday, November 19, 2007

Why did I open my big mouth!

Well yesterday at church the relief society president pulled me aside and said "Hey Jennie, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your food you made at the recipe club the other night, I also love your fall decor in your home..... can you..." This is where it gets interesting...."Can you RUN our relief society Christmas dinner, and decor?" AHHH what a honor, but what a stress! So now I have to plan dinner for 100 ladies, decorate a cultural hall, food tables, nativity scene display table, decorate trees etc etc. Can I do it? LETS HOPE! This event is in 3 weeks.. ahhhh better get planning! Any ideas for yummy food? Our ward is SOOOO big... we have a HUGE budget because we dont have many activities! MONEY TO SPEND... food to cook.. stuff to do! AHH so fun, yet so much work!
Kids are great, Jake and I are great. Porter is CRAWLING, eats EVERYTHING we give him, or dont give him. Lily is doing awesome in school. She is learning how to READ, and loves it! She identifies the letters in the ABC, s counts to 25, and is learning SPANISH! Jackson is AWESOME. He LOVES school, and is talking better! It has been so fun watching him learn and seeing him grow over the past few months! I (jennie) amd doing great.... almost to the 100 pound mark! WAHOOOO I hit a weight loss block over the past month, but uh.... well I have no excuse. I have been lazy! Jake is in school, and I think he will be in school for the next 50 years. This kid (34 year old kid) loves to learn, and just loves soaking in as much as he can! lets just hope he will be done SOON! Anyways, thats all for us now... we are heading up to a time share with Jakes family for "Turkey day" on wednesday, it should be fun! Then we will take the outlet stores down and do some christmas shopping!!
Ta ta for now!!