Monday, November 17, 2008

Random bits of fun times!

Well this will be a fast post of just pictures..All is going great here!~ Kids are doing great,we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving holiday trip out to southern california to visit my family and to also make a disney visit....Of course there will be pictures of that soon! Until then... enjoy my little kids!!

Jackson waiting for his school bus!! He loves pre school, and is doing great!!

Lily the garden fairy.... she loved her costume! Thanks to grandma for making it for her!

Lily at the state fair! I love this little girl!

OH and Porter the giggler... this boy just brings a smile to my face!

Jackson... hmm oh Jackson. This was NOT his halloween costume. Wellpart of it is. He was a pirate. But the next dayhe put Lily's tu tu on and sang "argh a pirates life for me" what a goof!

have I ever told you how much Porter loves food? he especially loves SAUCE. Dips everything. And I think he likes the sauce more than the food! Po Po,would you like some chicken with your sauce?

Monday, November 10, 2008

lazy days... well not so lazy

Well I have been crazy the past few weeks to sit and post a blog I havent been lazy enough to blog browse though. I have fun doing that. Anyways, what is new with me... lets see.. .I think this baby really has it in for me. I am 22 weeks along and I am still sick. What gives Amelie.. dontcha love me? Lily is now off track (sigh) and jackson is back ON track (OH JOY!!!) And today was Lily's first day off track and she let me know every minute of the day how bored she was. The inside of my house looked like the cat in the hat came over for a visit. It was rather fun hearing Lily and Jackson play house. Jackson- "oh sweetheart... come here. you want some snacks?" Lily-" year honey, I would love some. Can you feed the baby? The baby is a mini batman joker from a cereal box. It was pretty cute. I need to film their sweet talk and let them watch it when they are teen agers and hate eachother.
Porter is not being so cute any more. He is a monster. He loves unfolding my freshly folded clothes. Throwing clothes out of the hamper all over the place. Opening up cabinets and pulling bowls out. Coloring on walls, and throwing food off his high chair just to get attention. Love that boy.
Lets see what did I miss.. halloween! Yes that was fun. Lily was a fairy, and jackson and porter were pirates. Porter was a pirate for about `10 minutes before he ripped his clothes off. I think Lily had more fun handing candy out to neighbor kids. She would stand on the sidewalk and yell "yo people, we have candy here!!!" It was fun hanging out on the good old daybreak porch talking with neighbors and seeing cute little monsters and princesses coming ever so politely asking for candy. My favorite moment of the night was when jackson saw "the dark knight" joke and his family come to the porch and he says "oooooh batman kicked your butt!!" THATS MY BOY!!!! well here is lily's kindergarten school picture.. time sure flies.. I was looking at her hospital picture, and then looking at her kindergarten picture and it ALMOST made me cry. She was such a sweet little baby, and now she is such a sweet little girl. Time flies when you are having fun!!