Friday, May 25, 2007

A better day, please?

Wel after yesterday, and the day before.... I kept telling myself "Things can only get better". Well they did. Yesterday afternoon Lil told me why she tried to make toast. "Mommy, I just wanted to make you breakfast, because I love you". Ok, how could you be mad? The house still smells like burnt toast and a little smoky, but thats OK. Over the past 4 years of either being pregnant or having kids I have learned that its the little things that matter most. Its the hugs, snot nose kisses, the I love you's that come from their hearts. How could I seriously be angry with my little girl. She was trying to do something nice for me! Now the toaster is in a cupboard! This morning she did put some bread in the oven (luckily she cant reach the knobs) so she could try and make breakfast AGAIN. So I told her that tomorrow she can help me make a big breakfast.
Having kids does teach you patience. It teaches you to not let the silly things get to you. It teaches you that love is so important! Everyday is an adventure, especially in my house =) But everyday is oh so fun!
Last night Po slept in his bed, HALF THE NIGHT, and in my arms the rest. Hey, its a start! I love that he LOVES me so much that he needs to know I am right there next to him! But wow, it would be nice to sleep comfortably. Will that ever happen while I have kids at home? Will it ever happen again? Even when they are grown and moved out (sniffles) I will always worry about them... oh the joys of mother hood!
What is pretty pathetic is...... Last night Lil tells me "I love sleeping in my families bed". Not Mommy and Daddy's bed, but the FAMILIES BED! Maybe I should move my bed to the living room? haha! Lil knows that she needs to fall asleep in her bed for 1 week and she will get a trip to Wal mart for a treat. Blackmail or reward? What would you call it? hehe!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


What is your biggest fear? Well ONE of mine is my house catching fire with my family in side. Well, that nearly happened today at about 7:30 am. Po and I were RUDELY awakened by the smoke alarm! I jumped out of bed faster than I ever have before grabbed Po, ran into get JJ and Lil, well Lil wasnt in her bed, she wasnt in her room, she wasnt anywhere. I scream for Lil, as I see SMOKE and hear the high pitch scream from the fire alarm. I hear a little voice from the kitchen saying "mommy, Im on fire". So uh... I bolt for the stairs but in those 10 seconds or less that it took me to get down stairs I thought to myself, "Lil seemed pretty calm for being on fire?" Then I saw her, she was fine, in a little ball scared. Then I saw the source of all of our panic. A toaster STUFFED with 2 english muffins, on fire, and smoking like crazy. JJ was freaking out, Po was freaking out, Lil was freaking out. I was too puzzled to freak out. I just wanted the noise to STOP. So I tried to turn the smoke alarm off, it wouldnt turn off. I opened windows, turned the vent on.... and finally the noise stopped. Yesterday was a bad day, today, well..... things CAN get worse. *sigh* I love my kids!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what more could seriously happen today...

Ok, now this was "one of those days". The day started "ok". Po slept all night, of course right next to me *sigh* BUT HE SLEPT FOR 8 HOURS! The kids woke up, ate breakfast etc etc. Then while I was feeding Po in my room, L and J were in the bonus room "playing" or so I thought. J comes into my room and says "oh no mommy". L had colored ALL over him with marker. Head to toe, even his clothes. So I threw him in the bath. Then after nap time..... I was out side talking to some people and I came back inside to see J again covered head to toe with "fabreeze" air freshener. L said "he is so stinky, so I wanted to make him clean smelling". J has some pretty bad skin issues, and well, the Fabreeze bath didnt really help. SO I had to soak him AGAIN in another bath, slather him in medicine and clean the Febreeze mess they made all over the floor. Then L got mad at me for not letting her take a bath with her brother, and throws a GLASS on the ground shattering it. She then gets naked and tells me in a not so nice way "I not get dressed until I take a bath moooooooooooommy". So I threw a glass of water on her and threw her in her room. Maybe that wasnt the most mature thing to do, but I had HAD IT! She then came out dressed and knew "not to mess with mommy!"
Why do these things seem to ALWAYS happen when you have a baby "attached" to you? And of course if you "detatch" the baby, you have to deal with them crying hysterically? double edge sword. I love motherhood.

Forgot to add....

Our dogs.... yes I said DOGS (PLURAL) Foxy was our first child, Roxy is new. Jake HAD to get a Pug. He has always wanted a Pug. Now we really have a family bed.... Jake, me, Lily, Porter, Roxy and Foxy. The dogs will get kicked off by me about 20 times a night. Oh... the dogs... now seriously, including Jake, I have 5 kids haha!

Family BED

OK, I love my kids, and sometimes I even love our dogs. But what I do not love is having a "FAMILY BED". Lily is almost 4, and STILL insists on falling asleep in our bed, then we have to move her to her bed. NOW, my perfect little adorable newborn has to fall asleep cuddling. As much as I love having a cuddly baby, wow.. how can such a little body fill a king size bed? His little 8 pounds and 21 inches seriously takes up more room than me. I lay in the far corner of the bed worried that I am going to roll over and smother my baby. Sleep? Whats that! Then I look over at my sleeping husband I wonder.... hmm thats just not fair. So I smack him to wake him up so we can share the misery of no sleep together...... well that doesnt work. His body wakes up for a few seconds, says "what you want?" Then crash, back asleep. So unfair.... but so worth it... I love my baby Po But I would love having him sleep in his own bed for once!
Last night I went to a girls night at Z's house, wow... It was so nice getting out of the house. Thanks Z for the yummy dessert, Po says thanks too *wink*. Looking forward to wearing make up again, that is if I am able to wash my face or even shower today! haha!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Uppercase Living, creative vinyl lettering

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Well, I am new at this whole BLOG thing, but what the heck! Its my time to sit and ramble on and on about my cute wonderful little kids and husband! My name is Jennie. I am 28, I live in a little town call South Jordan in the oh so wonderful state of UTAH! I have been married for coming on 5 years. Together Jake and I have 3 gorgeous kids. Lily is 3 1/2, Jackson is 2, and Porter is fresh from heaven as of 5/5/07. Being a mommy is the best!