Monday, December 6, 2010

I am alive....

My 3 sons.... I hope to be the only woman in their life. No woman will ever be good enough!!! haha

My sweet daughters. They look so different, but are SOOO similar!!! Love being their mama!

Oh Sweet Benjamin!!!!

Jackson age 5 1/2. He is the sweetest human being I have ever known. He has the BIGGEST heart

Lily age 7 1/2. This girl is seriously the sweetest little girl alive.... but BOY CAN SHE GO DIVA ON YOU!!

Porter age 3 1/2. This kid is going to be a heart breaker!!

Amelie age 21 months.... look at her hair!!

Ok, well I have really slacked on the whole blog thing, and I realized I need to be better at it, so I can actually get a blog book and have some good enteries!!! Anyways, all is well with the Stephens family. Kids are doing great in school, very social with the neighborhood and we are very happy!!
Milestones- Benjamin is 6 months old, 18 pounds, 27 inches long, rolling all over the place, gets on his hands and knees but just ends up taking a nose dive to the ground or he flips over and scares himself silly.
Amelie-Learning tons of new words, knows most of her colors, and loves puzzles. She has the curliest hair ever and her smile and laugh is very contagious. She loves to YELL names rather than say them... instead of "porter, give that back to me" its "POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MINE MINEMINE" then she pounds on him and they wrestle. her favorite thing in life in her raggetty old pink blanket, and Elmo.
Porter-Doing great in pre school, knows literally every shape out there, I was shocked when he pointed to something and said "hey, that is a trapezoid". He loves to dance, sing, read stories, play the Wii, and making terrible messes.
Jackson-OH where do I begin... jackson is doing so awesome it brings tears to my eyes. He is READING so well, loves school, and is such a social butterfly. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. He got glasses about a month ago after we were told "wow, this kid is blind!!!" haha WOOPSIE!!
Lily is AWESOME. She loves to read, and is GREAT at it. She is really into Justin Bieber (big surprise, she is SEVEN), loves to write and make up songs with her BFF Lizzie, some of her favorite things include her "oobies" if you dont know what those are... what planet do you live on? Her nitendo DS, she loves changing clothes and playing BIG GIRL dress up, make up and her wish would be to get a cell phone.... SO.NOT.HAPPENING!
I love my family more than I can say..... they drive me nuts, give me gray hair, and make me ask for forgiveness daily, but its so worth it.......

The best of the worst... do you know how hard it is to get a GOOD picture taken with 7 people, 5 of them being under age 7!