Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh me oh STY!

Well, I got a stye in my eye. Porter's sharp little razer blade finger nail scratched my eye lid, and then the next day it REALLY hurt, and I noticed a little DOT on the inside of the under lid. IT HURTS! Sunday it looked like I got punched in my eye, people at church kept on looking at me, but of course wouldnt SAY anything. Its feeling better, but MAN it still looks like I got beat up, Porter sure is strong! haha! Sorry no pictures..... its embarassing!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My sweet Aunt Janet

Lilyand Aunt Janet the day after she was born. Jake, Aunt Janet and Lily and I just a week before she passed away. And her beautiful head stone up at the Salt Lake cemetary just a few blocks away from her home in Federal Heights.

I was going through some pictures on the computer trying to find ones I want printed, and I came across these. My Aunt Janet was a HUGE person in my life. She was a role model, and a hero. I look up to her, and love her so much. In November of 2002, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her tumor was 5 pounds, and as big as a large grapefruit. My aunt was a hair over 5 feet tall, and about 100 pounds. this tumor was HUGE. Once they did surgery, they found that it had invaded many many lymphnodes and she should try as hard as her body would let her to fight. Her little fragile body gave out 11 months later. She was my only blood related aunt, and my dad's only sister. This women is and will always be amazing to me, and to everyone who knew her. I love you Aunt Janet.


So some people wanted to see pictures of jake after he had brain surgery 4 years ago... here ya go! SO gross. At least he doesnt have the drainage tube still hanging out of his head. Seriously, I could hardly be in the same room with him when he was in the ICU. I felt terrible, but I am the queasiest person alive, thanks dad. 70 staples, uh hello, GROSS! For your info.. .... Jake had a cerebral spinal fluid leak. Which means, he had been leaking spinal fluid out of his nose for a while before the doctor did something about it. He ended up having TWO surgeries, because the pressure built up so fast, ait burst through his nose again, and the second time, they had to go up his nose and do a skin and bone graph to seal it. Yuck-OH! Whenever he gets his hair cut, you can see the nasty scar... take a looksie!


I need quotes! Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you, motivates you, moves you, means something special? Share them! I have a new quote of the day area I want to post a new quote everyday, well maybe everyday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

random sweetness

My daughter the Bag Lady

Well here are some pictures I found on my computer..... I love my Lily Grace Stephens. She is so stinking cute! I need to upload some pictures of me when I was a little girl..... 100% no doubt she is MY daughter. Ha Ha!

Lily and MY cousin Grace, which makes this lily's cousin as well!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well I am officially a space cadet. Today I was cutting some yummy Rosemary and olive oil bread from Costco this afternoon, and well..... SLICE. I nearly cut the side and tip off my thumb. Me, getting my queasiness from my dad (thanks dad, sarcasm entered HERE) I tried to stay as calm as I could, but my main forcus was to not pass out....well I TRIED not to, but nodded off for a second! I went to the instacare and got some stitchess, and now I dont have a left thumb to use, YAY! 7 days of stitchess, 2 days of no shower... (well that wont happen, I will wrap my hand up good! Lost the color in my face yet again at the instacare while the nurse was SCRUBBING the wound...... there were so many naughty words I wanted to use. I asked the doc and the nurse if they had an adult papoose board they could strap me too! All is well........very happy it was a very sharp new knife so it didnt tear my thumb apart, pretty clean cut, still HURT LOTS, and bled TONS! EW EW EW... getting queasy just thinking about it!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lily does it again......

Well Lily once again made me nearly pee my pants tonight. I am a part of a dinner exchange with a couple of frirnds. Well tonight Brooke brought us a AWESOME dinner with my favorite veggie of all time... artichokes! Well I was making some garlic butter to dip it in, and Lily seemed very intruigued. If it comes with butter, it must be good! So I make her a plate and ask her to try a artichoke. My daughter LOVES green veggies, even CREAMED SPINACH! She tries it, and likes it... "tastes like a green bean mommy!" So I explain to her the meat part of the artichoke is called the HEART. Well thats when she lost interest in the artichoke. She looks at me like I just gave her puppy away, oh yea I did just do that (Roxy is in a great home now!) She then says "You fed me heart? I ate a heart? Veggies have hearts?" Then she thinks for a second and says "veggies dont have hearts, people have hearts. WAIT, veggie tales talk, do they have hearts? Oh mommy I cant eat them if they have hearts". I was sitting there shocked that my daughter said that. But then I laughed, and tried to explain to her..... well you know. I think she is OK, she might become a total carnivore and never eat a veggie again.....should I tell her that cows and chickens DO have hearts? I dont think so.