Thursday, August 16, 2007

My baby girl is turning FOUR!

Oh, where has the time gone. My little Lily Grace is about to turn 4 years old! It has been amazing raising a daughter. She is the light of my life and I love being her mommy! Everyday is an adventure with Lily. Here are 10 things I love about Lily, heaven knows there are like a Million, but here are my 10 favorite!
10. Her crazy personality, never a dull moment with Lily
9. Her love for the out doors, she LOVES being outside, laughing, screaming and being with the neighborhood kids
8. Service- she loves to do nice things for people..... even when she almost burns the house down (read old post)
7. I love hearing her talk about primary and what she learned. She truly loves Jesus.
6. I love her contagious laugh and beaming smile.
5. I love how she is with her 2 little brothers, doesnt always like them, but she always loves them!
4. I love watching her try and solve problems, then when she cant, I love being the one to always help her. Basically, I love that she needs me!
3. I love that she loves to be held and hugged and kissed and kissed and kissed and hugged (you get the point)
2. I love who I am when she is around. I love the grown woman I can see in her eyes, and I love seeing her grow into a gorgeous young little lady!
1. I love Lily! Everything about her, everything she will become and do someday. I love that she looks like me, and I love that she has freckles popping up on her little body! I love love love my daughter.

Being a mother has taught me oh so much. It has taught me about patience, love, service, enduring, miracles, kindness, and the list goes on and on. There is no other job in the world I would ever want. Having a daughter has also taught me about "attitude". Wow.... was I really that dramatic when I was young? Little Lily bug is quite the diva. I love you Lily. Happy Birthday, and thank you for giving my life purpose. You are my life, my light and my love. When I look into you amazing blue eyes, I see wee bits of heaven shining back. You are truly a angel!
Love, Mommy
(Pictures- Lily's blessing dress was made out of fabric FROM my wedding dress. Jake's mom is a awesome seamstress and she hacked my wedding dress up and made a GORGEOUS long blessing dress for Lily. We still have tons of fabric to make another dress when Lily gets baptized)