Sunday, May 30, 2010

The SON will come out TOMORROW!!

Well tomorrow is baby day!! I am NUMBER 1 on the check in list at the hospital, so sometime in the morning, between 7 and 9 we will get the call to come in!! This pregnancy has been a rollercoaster, but I am soooooo blessed and I am excited to meet this little, I mean big guy tomorrow!! I love spending the first couple of hours after delivery just sitting in the bed with Jake and the baby staring at the baby. Comparing features, counting fingers and toes, snuggling, crying, eating my yummy post partum sandwich (after not eating for a day, ANYTHING is good!!) It truly shows me that there is a God. How can you look at a baby and not believe in a higher power? Where do you think this little baby came from? Yes, I created its body, but I had no power in creating its soul. I look at all my kids and just stand in awe at the miracles God has given me.
Benjamin, I am looking forward to seeing your cute chubby face tomorrow! I am praying that you will be healthy and have no major issues during labor and delivery. Please make it easy on me too!! I love you little man, and cant wait to meet you!!
Love, mommy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I really do feel THIS big

Ok,well I know I am not THAT big, but MAN!! Its not easy carrying a baby over 8 lbs. Yesterday I was getting a pedicure and this cute little gal said "how many you got in there? Your tummy is moving so so much!" AHH I said "just one, a big one, a very big one". She laughed and said "go for da c-a-section, no damage your va-hoo-ha". I seriously almost peed my pants. Now Lily calls her private parts "va-hoo-ha". GREAT!

I am being induced on MONDAY!! SOOO excited. I am so happy that I was able to make it to 38 1/2 weeks and that the baby is HEALTHY and HUGE!! Nothing cuter than a baby with super chubs all over!! At first I was kind of bummed to have a baby on Memorial day, but now the more I think of it... it's pretty special. What a great way to remember those in my life who have passed on, by celebrating LIFE! I am REALLY looking forward to meeting my little "BIG BEN", I just want to hold him, kiss him and say THANKS for "everything"!! I do feel WAY better than I did before. Its amazing the BURST of energy you get one day, and then the CRASH you feel the next haha!
On another note... dont let ANYONE give you a "pregnancy shake". OH MY HOLY GROSSNESS. I will not name names, but man... I will never trust the food they give me ever again. After I drank half of this "shake" she told me what was in it. I literally started to cry. Castor oil, blue and black cohosh, red raspberry extract stuff, juice, ice, etc etc". Let's just did NOTHING.... besides spending about 10 mins in the bathroom.....NOTHING. I will stick with pitocin and a crochet hook thing to induce me. HERBS=BAD!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

37 weeks and about to POP!

Well I am actually getting to the finish line of this pregnancy race and it feels good!! My body is tired, my emotions are running rampid, but I am so excited to hold this baby and just tell him how mad I am at him for making me feel like crap for 9 months! haha kidding! Its really gone by fast. I see my doctor again tomorrow for MORE TESTS, and then he will decide when to induce me, either NEXT week, or on June 5th! COMING UP!! The baby is measuring kind of BIG, so I am a little worried. But its ok, epidurals are great!!!