Friday, October 16, 2009

I love this song,and how it makes me feel!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well we are on the move!! Moving just 20 miles south to Lehi! Its a sad, and happy move at the same time. Hard to leave friends, but thrilled to be in a house with our own huge yard. Anyways.... we are moving on Oct 24, here are some pictures!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

where have I been??

BUSY!!! I cant even tell you any excuse that is good enough to why I havent blogged. SORRY!!! I know I have SO many followers (haha) This summer was a good one, long but good!! The kids are great, happy as can be, Jake started school again, I am hope with the little monsters all day, and oddly enough, I love my life. Weird huh? I had a fun weekend back in september with some fellow moms from my neighborhood.... we went to park city and just relaxed, had fun, ate good food, and had NO kids there bugging us, it was GREAT!! Hmm what else happened????? scroll down to see......

Thats right.....surprise surprise..... not a joke, very serious, as serious as I can be. We are OK... a little freaked out... I mean HELLO, 5 kids!! Its a little scary!! But hey, we have really cute kids... its my job to beautify the world right? I think I am doing a dang good job at it!! Oh, and we are moving to a bigger house. The house we are HOPING for is actually just a few streets away from our current house, but it has 8 bedrooms...need I say more? Well thats all for now.... sometime the last week of may baby IT will be born......Amelie will be 17 months old..... I will have 5 kids under age 6... do I sound so excited??