Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So much to be happy about!

Well I have been a slacker the past week, but I have uploaded some new pictures of my babes..... oh they are so cute. This week has been better. No fires, the family bed is now a "couples" bed. Which means, NO KIDS! WAHOO! Lily has done so good! She loves being a big girl, and now she loves her bed. We have to keep our balcony light on at night (her bedroom window faces the balcony) but other than that... Boy wonder and I have our bed back! Some of you know that lil Jackman has a severe case of eczema. Well it has gotten significantly worse over the past few weeks. SO we have to see his team of doctors yet again for more allergy testing and some new prescriptions. It was pretty depressing because we thought it was getting better, NOPE! So hopefully we will get some answers so I can have my happy boy back! Po Po has been SO GOOD over the past few days. He sleeps for around 6 hours a night, wakes up for a little top off, and the back to bed for another couple of hours. Its been nice getting some solid sleep! THANK YOU PO PO! He just started smiling which of course just warms my heart! I put a picture of his little smirk he does... Oh I love him! Lil and Jackman have had a blast since the splash pool opened. We have spent many hours there. Hey, it gets me out of the house, and the kids have fun! It has helped my tan as well! Boy wonder took the kids to the lake this weekend for a paddle boat ride. Well, I am a crazy paranoid mama! The dock worker put Jackman in the back of the boat alone, and Lil and Boy wonder were up kidding me! I yelled at Boy wonder to put Jackman up front with him. Then I see Lil' hopping from seat to seat, while the boat is going. Oh goodness.... I am getting too old for this drama. Life vests or no life vests... I was freaking out. The dock worker assured me that if the kids fall in, they would in deed float. I was very happy when the boat came back. Enjoy the pictures!


ZB said...

Is that splash pool in your neighborhood? We totally need a place to go and have some summer fun. Glad that you are back on and posting pictures. So cute! Love Po's smirk. He looks so much like Jackman. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Annemarie is coming!

LilyJackandPosmama said...

YES the splash pool is in my neighborhood, COME OVER AND SPLASH! We also have a fun park right next to the splash pool! It would be fun to BBQ and splash! Let the guys cook, and the gals and babes can splash!