Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SO much has happened!!

Well to start off, WOW.... I can take a deep breath and FINALLY be calm! My family is doing GREAT. Lily just turned 4 on August 22 and she had a great birthday with all her friends and family. Its been really an adventure watching that little girl grow up! Everyday she amazes me with her little mind and what she says. She just started pre school yesterday and had a blast. She told me "Oh mommy, I love school, can I go tomorrow". Seriously, I needed to record her saying that, and then show it to her when she is in high school refusing to get out of bed. Our stake primary president runs a pre school out of her house, Lily will learn basic pre school education, but along with it, she will be in a joy school curriculum.Jackson is doing GREAT! He sees his teacher once a week, and a behavior therapist once a month. And now he is saying more things, helping us understand him by SHOWING us what he wants, instead of screaming and bashing his head against everything. It was very frustrating for a while! I was at a loss on what to do. No parent ever wants to admit there is a problem with their child, but as his mommy I knew there was something just not quite right. With Jacksons leaps and bounds with his school program, the teacher and therapist are feeling that he does not have Aspergers, but he will still be tested in a few months when he is 3. Jackson loves attention, and when he doesnt have full attention, that is when he rebells. What's his is HIS, dont you dare try and take something away from him, or you will HEAR it. That is one thing we are trying to work on. Sharing is not Jackson's friend right now! And with 2 siblings..... we REALLY need to work on that!Porter is GREAT! He is so stinking cute and fun! I just love that kid! I love his giggly little body! I love that he just needs you to LOOK at him for him to laugh! He is always smiling and loves to be close to people. He had his first taste of rice cereal last night, and well..... of course he LOVED IT! he was going after that spoon like he hadnt eaten in HOURS hahha. We got him a baby gym that lights up and plays music. When we put it over him while he was laying down..... his body twisted and turned and his eyes nearly popped out of his face! I dont think he liked it at first! But now he is "OK" with it for a few mins! We had pictures taken yesterday of all the kids, and I must say..... SO CUTE!!
About ME....... well I going to school in January! I will be taking some culinary arts classes, and starting my own catering business. I will start small, and work up from there! So if you are planning a party, and just dont want to cook... CALL ME! Since I am just starting, my prices are pretty cheap! Jake is in school right now, so I am again a single mom for the time being. It is worth it though.... as hard as it is, in the end when he is done with school (in 10 years) we will look back at these days when I wanted to pull my hair out and scream and say "Oh... those were the good ol' days!". Enjoy the pictures!!love, jennie


ZB said...

The pictures of your kids are absolutely adorable. I could just eat them up. So glad to hear that Jackson is doing better. Hang in there with the school (both you & Jake). Can't wait to plan a party.

kam said...

Wow, Jen, the kiddos are lookin' all grown up! So cute! I LOVE Lily's dress!! Where on earth did you get it? It kinda reminds me of the "Sound of Music". SO CUTE!!!Good luck with EVERYTHING! You are certainly extra BUSY these days.