Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what more could seriously happen today...

Ok, now this was "one of those days". The day started "ok". Po slept all night, of course right next to me *sigh* BUT HE SLEPT FOR 8 HOURS! The kids woke up, ate breakfast etc etc. Then while I was feeding Po in my room, L and J were in the bonus room "playing" or so I thought. J comes into my room and says "oh no mommy". L had colored ALL over him with marker. Head to toe, even his clothes. So I threw him in the bath. Then after nap time..... I was out side talking to some people and I came back inside to see J again covered head to toe with "fabreeze" air freshener. L said "he is so stinky, so I wanted to make him clean smelling". J has some pretty bad skin issues, and well, the Fabreeze bath didnt really help. SO I had to soak him AGAIN in another bath, slather him in medicine and clean the Febreeze mess they made all over the floor. Then L got mad at me for not letting her take a bath with her brother, and throws a GLASS on the ground shattering it. She then gets naked and tells me in a not so nice way "I not get dressed until I take a bath moooooooooooommy". So I threw a glass of water on her and threw her in her room. Maybe that wasnt the most mature thing to do, but I had HAD IT! She then came out dressed and knew "not to mess with mommy!"
Why do these things seem to ALWAYS happen when you have a baby "attached" to you? And of course if you "detatch" the baby, you have to deal with them crying hysterically? double edge sword. I love motherhood.


ZB said...

Oh my! Little L is sure trying to find some attention from Mommy huh? Poor J! Hope he doesn't have a bad reaction to the spray. I can't blame you for the water thing, I've totally done that before. Sometimes you need the shock value to get their attention. Hope today goes much better!