Thursday, May 24, 2007


What is your biggest fear? Well ONE of mine is my house catching fire with my family in side. Well, that nearly happened today at about 7:30 am. Po and I were RUDELY awakened by the smoke alarm! I jumped out of bed faster than I ever have before grabbed Po, ran into get JJ and Lil, well Lil wasnt in her bed, she wasnt in her room, she wasnt anywhere. I scream for Lil, as I see SMOKE and hear the high pitch scream from the fire alarm. I hear a little voice from the kitchen saying "mommy, Im on fire". So uh... I bolt for the stairs but in those 10 seconds or less that it took me to get down stairs I thought to myself, "Lil seemed pretty calm for being on fire?" Then I saw her, she was fine, in a little ball scared. Then I saw the source of all of our panic. A toaster STUFFED with 2 english muffins, on fire, and smoking like crazy. JJ was freaking out, Po was freaking out, Lil was freaking out. I was too puzzled to freak out. I just wanted the noise to STOP. So I tried to turn the smoke alarm off, it wouldnt turn off. I opened windows, turned the vent on.... and finally the noise stopped. Yesterday was a bad day, today, well..... things CAN get worse. *sigh* I love my kids!


ZB said...

Holy crap! That would have freaked me out. I like L's comment about being on fire!---and yet being so calm about it. I guess tomorrow you'll be teaching "how to correctly toast something 101". Tomorrow WILL be better.

kam said...

Oh boy!!! you have got to be kidding! I hope the hubby is taking you out to dinner this weekend. Judging from your crazy week, you've certainly EARNED it!!