Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh yea, I am a VENDOR! woooooo!

Ok, well there is this AWESOME craft show that a good friend of mine runs. Its call the OH SWEET SADIE GIFT AND ART SHOW. And this fall I WILL BE SELLING STUFF AT IT! since I am SO not crafty, and NOT artistic... what better for me to make and sell.. FOOD! YUM-O BABY! I will be making some awesome YUMMY things... come to the show!
1.Homemade Peach Jam $3 and $5
2.Home made Apricot Jam $3 and $5
3.Old Fashion Apple Butter $5
4.Kansas City Style BBQ sauce $5
5.Caribbean Jerk Spice Rub $4
6.Super chunky garden marinara sauce $4
7.Home made Apple sauce (baby food)$1.50 for small jar, $4 for large
here are the dates and Locations of the show!
Fall 1 - September 19th and 20th:
Draper at Suncrest
Fall 2 - September 26th and 27th:
South Jordan at Daybreak Northshore model home village
Email me or comment and I will get the address for you!

The show will offer SO many differnt types of gifts. You will go completely NUTS there. Clothing, purses, LOTS of jewelry, FOOD (ahem) KILLER home made salsa from one of the "boss's" of the show. Photography, Blankets, CHOCOLATE, Hair bows, TU TU's that are to DIE for, Vinyl lettering. This show is SO awesome and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! PLEASE COME AND ENJOY, And of course ENJOY AND BUY MY FOOD!!! My kids want to have a fun Christmas hehe! Go to for all the info. There are also TONS of awesome contests they will have during the show, and before the show. SO check the web page often!!


ZB said...

I'm so so excited to attend.

Lia said...

That's so cool that you're doing this! You're going to be so busy getting all that yummy stuff ready!