Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lily's favorite game!

Ok, well Lily LOVES to pop bubble wrap... and this is her all time favorite game on the internet! have fun! pretty boring, maybe your kids will like it!

Bubble Wrap Maniac
If you love popping bubble wrap... this game is for you!

Oh yea, I am a VENDOR! woooooo!

Ok, well there is this AWESOME craft show that a good friend of mine runs. Its call the OH SWEET SADIE GIFT AND ART SHOW. And this fall I WILL BE SELLING STUFF AT IT! since I am SO not crafty, and NOT artistic... what better for me to make and sell.. FOOD! YUM-O BABY! I will be making some awesome YUMMY things... come to the show!
1.Homemade Peach Jam $3 and $5
2.Home made Apricot Jam $3 and $5
3.Old Fashion Apple Butter $5
4.Kansas City Style BBQ sauce $5
5.Caribbean Jerk Spice Rub $4
6.Super chunky garden marinara sauce $4
7.Home made Apple sauce (baby food)$1.50 for small jar, $4 for large
here are the dates and Locations of the show!
Fall 1 - September 19th and 20th:
Draper at Suncrest
Fall 2 - September 26th and 27th:
South Jordan at Daybreak Northshore model home village
Email me or comment and I will get the address for you!

The show will offer SO many differnt types of gifts. You will go completely NUTS there. Clothing, purses, LOTS of jewelry, FOOD (ahem) KILLER home made salsa from one of the "boss's" of the show. Photography, Blankets, CHOCOLATE, Hair bows, TU TU's that are to DIE for, Vinyl lettering. This show is SO awesome and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! PLEASE COME AND ENJOY, And of course ENJOY AND BUY MY FOOD!!! My kids want to have a fun Christmas hehe! Go to for all the info. There are also TONS of awesome contests they will have during the show, and before the show. SO check the web page often!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am a MORON!

OK so today we went to a bounce house place, and had LOTS of fun. The kids had a great time, even Porter was a dare devil and climbed up the TALLEST bounce house there and slid down the slide. BUT when I was trying to wrangle the kids up to LEAVE.... Porter was up on the top of the bounce house, and would not come down. I think his clever little mind KNEW I was going to take him home. I grab him, and we go down the middle of the climb up ladder thing (did that make sense?) And I was wearing socks (always following the rules) so we slipped, and ended sliding down the STEPS.. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH. Well I crushed my pinky toe into one of the steps, and heard the crunch, and boy did I feel it. I said to myself.. "yay I just proved what a tard I really am.... yay for me, I broke my toe!" I grabbed the kids, got in the car, took my sock off and I wanted to puke. It was SO swollen, and you could see where it was broken. Tard girl here... seriously I am such a dork. Well turns out its worse than I had thought. Now I cant put any weight on my left foot, my toe looks like a large purple grape, and my toe nail is hiding. So much for my pedicure I got last week. Well it looks like the break is farther up my foot as well, just where my toe and foot meet. A little crack. I have a foot boot thing now, and I have to wear it when I am going to be walking alot... (uh this is my excuse to not have to work out people YAY FOR ME)
This much is true... when jennie is involved.. drama is involved. These 3 things do not mix.... bounce houses, pregnancy, and a 30 year old clutz....
At least Sarah and Zoie looked stylish on the slide. I break my toe/foot and look like a flying blob. yay for me! I will post picture of my toe tomorrow for everyone who is DYING to see it! Tomorrow is Lily's 5th birthday, I CANT BELIEVE SHE IS 5! Ahh my baby girl! (wiping the tear away, just kicked the computer desk with my bad foot)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pardon my absence...... I got the Breaking dawn bug

Holy cow this is a LONG book. Feels like I have been reading it forever and I am not even half way done. So far, so good. Its been a bit interesting....... lets just say "foreplay is over!" hahaha at least the author is CLEAN, uh.... cause it could be alot worse! Spoiler alert...... my fellow Twilight drugies... turn away NOW!

Being a pregnant lady... I am always interested in baby names.... but.. Renesmee? Serious? Now that is the worst name I have ever heard! Ok.. thats all for now. I am tuckered out, and I am actually NOT going to read tonight. I want to sleep and not have dreams of a monster growing inside me. Seriously last night I woke up SWEATING... freaking vampire book! hahaha

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am still alive, just wishing I was dead at the moment

Ok, So much has happened this week, and I dont know where to start. I got home from girls camp last friday and I was really SICK. I was so sun burned it caused sun poisoning and I had little blood blisters on my forehead and hair line and my shoulder. OUCH. I was shivvering and HOT at the same time! I felt a little better by monday, and I had to get Lily ready for KINDERGARTEN! Lily started Kindergarten on tuesday and I DIDNT CRY, in public. She was so cute, and told me "mommy, let go of me, I am a big girl, and Mrs Thayer blew the whistle... time to go to SCHOOL!" It was so cute seeing her wave to me and blow kisses. My baby girl is a KINDERGARTNER! I will post pictures later, I am not feeling sohot right now.. darn pregnancy.. BLAH!

What else..... hmm I AM SO SICK. I cant eat anything, well I can, but its things that arent good for me. I cant drink milk shakes and eat anything cold and frothy. Anything solid, well its not a mix for me! This child is beating me up inside! I have been a zombie all week. So I have used the excuse of being sick today to stay in my room all day and read Book 3 of The Twilight series... WAHOOOOOO Read about 300 pages before I was falling asleep of being so sick.
I am a Twilight junky, and I am so excited to start the 4th book next week. I need to take a few days off ro re collect myself, and be a mom to my kids. They tend to get neglected while I am reading! Dont freak out, they are clean, fed and safe...... hahhaah.